Shopping in Vilnius

Vilnius has some unique shops, markets, book stores, and museum shops to browse and shop at with many craft stores in particular.

  • Senuju Amatu Dirbtuves—this small shop displays the tools, materials, processes, and final products of traditional crafts such as weaving, paper-making, book-binding, leather-working, and metalworking and teaches these crafts as well; Saviciaus gatve 10
  • Gedimino 9—housed in a mid-Victorian building used by government, newspapers, and nightclubs over the years, this shopping complex has international brands such as H&M and the Body Shop; Gedimino prospektas 9
  • Vinny’s—a vintner that sells wine and spirits from across Europe and Lithuanian specialties such as mead, Samane moonshine, and Zalgris (a mead-based spirit); Vilniaus gatve 15
  • Dom Bow Ties—the only store in Lithuania devoted to hand-made bow ties; Stikliu gatve 6
  • Sauluva—a craft and toy store that sells handmade crafts made of amber, metal, ceramics, textiles, and other materials as well as unusual and educational toys; Literatu gatve 3
  • Lino Namai—a housewares store that sells linen from Siulas, the oldest flax mill in the country, that is known for high-quality table and bed linens; Vilnaius gatve 12
  • Lino Kopos—a designer’s shop that sells collections sewn exclusively from linen and accessories made from amber, wood, leather, and linen; Krokuvos gatve 6
  • Aukso Avis—a gallery established by a local fashion designer that sells bags, T-shirts, wall murals, and jewelry made from felt and wool; Pilies gatve 38
  • Lino ir Gintaro Studija—this studio sells gifts and souvenirs in linen, amber, precious metal, and other materials; Stikliu gatve 3
  • Zoraza—a fashion house that sells clothing and accessories in a variety of colors and textures such as suede, glitter, beads, felt, crystal, and leather; Stikliu gatve 9
  • Jonas Bugailiskis—a Lithuanian artist who designs unique items such as sculptures, ornate crosses, and musical instruments; Ausros Vartu gatve 17-10
  • Akropolis—a large shopping and entertainment complex with hundreds of stores, restaurants, a cinema, an ice-skating rink, and a children’s play area; Ozo gatve 25
  • Europa—a large shopping center across the Neris River with three floors of shops, restaurants, and cafes; Konstitucijos prospektas 7a
  • Kalvariju—a market that sells all sorts of goods including produce, livestock, and clothing; Kalvariju gatve 61
  • Ausros Vartu Meno Galerija—a souvenir shop with locally made souvenirs such as paintings, lace, and craft items; Ausros Vartu gatve 12
  • Akademine Knyga—an academic book store with fiction as well with some titles in English; Universiteto gatve 4
  • Ramune Piekautaite—a stylish boutique with locally designed business, casual, and bridal wear; Didzioji gatve 20
  • Humanitas—a bookstore stocked with art, design, architecture, and gift titles; Dominikonu gatve 5
  • Juozas Statkevicius—a prominent local clothing designer known for his modern fashion and costume designs; Pamenkalnio gatve 2-1

Shopping in Reykjavik

Reykjavik does not have a wealth of shops to explore but the ones that the city does have  seem interesting and unique.

  • 12 Tonar—both a record shop and an independent record label that has a café and sells music by popular Icelandic artists such as Bjork, Agent Fresco, FM Belfast, and Dikta; Skolavoraustigur 15
  • Anna Maria Design—a workshop and store that sells a variety of jewelry for men and women made from materials that include silver, gold, and Icelandic stones; Skolavoraustigur 3
  • Gallery Fold—an art gallery that has a large selection of prints, drawings, paintings, and sculptures by modern Icelandic artists and older Icelandic art; Rauaararstigur 12-14
  • Handprjonassambandid—the Handknitting Association of Iceland’s outlet selling hand-knit items of various kinds; Skolavoraustigur 19
  • Islandia—a store that sells woolen items, gifts, and souvenirs; Kringlan Mall
  • JS Watch Co—the official watch of the Icelandic Coast Guard and a celebrity favorite and a watchmaker that sells nicely crafted timepieces; Laugavegur 62
  • Kormakur and Skjoldur—a men’s store that sells men’s clothing and hair accessories with brands such as Bertie and Wooster’s of London which sells threads, cuff links, and designer clothing; Harris Tweed; and Ben Sherman; Laugavegur 59
  • Kringlan Mall—a mall with a variety of decent clothing stores, a movie theater, and souvenir shops; Kringlun 4-12
  • Kronkron—owned by an Icelandic couple who are known for their designer footwear in all sorts of colors and silk clothing; Laugavegur 63b
  • Lucky Records—a record store that has the largest collection of vintage and contemporary vinyl in Iceland and also has performances by underground and new alternative bands; Rauaararstigur 10
  • Smaralind—one of Iceland’s two major shopping malls located in Kopavogur, a neighboring community, that has the British-based Debenhams and Iceland’s hypermarket chain store, Hagkaup; Hagasmara 1

Shopping in Helsinki

Helsinki is home to some decent shopping centers, clothing stores, and a variety of other types of stores. It has a small selection of shopping venues but it seems to be a city that has some good shopping choices.

  • Aarikka—a store that sells wooden jewelry, silver products, and gifts; Pohjoisesplanadi 27
  • Anna Heino—a store that sells nicely designed women’s necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets; Uudenmaank 34
  • Design Forum Finland—sells items from local stores and designer pieces as well as hosting exhibitions featuring specific artists and a café; Erottajank 7
  • Forum—Helsinki’s largest shopping complex with 120 stores; Mannerheim 14-20
  • Galleria Esplanad—a high-end shopping mall with 50 stores including Finnish and international designers; Pohjoisesplanadi 33
  • Helsinki 10—a popular local clothing store that sells stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories; Eerikink 3
  • Iittala Concept Store—sells crisp glass and tableware designs; Pohjoisesplanadi 25
  • Ivanahelsinki—an internationally recognized women’s clothing store that sells sweaters and dresses in solid colors and patterns; Uudenmaank 15
  • Itakeskus—a large shopping complex with over 180 stores and restaurants; Itakatu 1-7
  • Kalevala Koru—a jewelry store that bases its designs on motifs dating back to the Iron Age; Unionink 25
  • Kamppi Center—a six-floor shopping complex with themed floors as well as the main bus station for Helsinki and a metro station; Urho Kekkosenkat 1
  • Kauppatori—Helsinki’s market square with a variety of stalls and eateries; south harbor at the end of Esplanade Park
  • Kiseleff Bazaar Hall—a shopping gallery; Aleksanterinkatu 22-28
  • Kluuvi—a recently renovated mall with a wide variety of stores including international and local brands as well as several restaurants and coffee shops; Aleksanterink 9
  • Marimekko—a high-end clothing store for men, women, and children in bright colors with good fabrics; Pohjoiesplanadi 2
  • Norsu—an exhibition space and a high-end store with modern crafts including jewelry and glassware; Kaisaniemenk 9
  • Old Market Hall—a market with flowers, vegetables, meat, and fish for sale; Etelaranta
  • Pentik—a company recognized for its classic ceramic dishes and housewares and also a retailer of gift items and cards; Mannnerheimintie 5
  • Saunamarket Finland Oy—a Finnish sauna supply store with wooden buckets, bath brushes, and birch-scented soap; Aleksanterink 28
  • Secco—a gift store that turns found materials into unique products such as purses made from tire rubber, messenger bags from old seat belts, and bowls from vinyl records; Frederikink 33
  • Stockmann—Helsinki’s most famous department store; Aleksanterink 52B

Shopping in Brussels

Brussels has markets, beautiful shopping arcades, plenty of chocolate shops, and interesting clothing stores. They seem like they would be worth checking out for sure.

  • Place du Chatelain Market—a food market with cheese, charcuterie, fruits, vegetables, seasonal foods, and more to delight foodies
  • Gabriele—a vintage clothing store that exclusively sells original clothing from the 1920s to the 1980s; Rue des Chartreux 27
  • Pierre Marcolini—a high-end chocolatier and baked goods store with rare chocolate beans, teas, and pralines; Rue des Minimes 1
  • Kure—sells affordable clothing, ceramics, scented candles, and local sweets; Avenue Louise 78
  • Stijl—a top department store with current and classic fashion designers for men and women; Rue Antoine Dansaert 74
  • Mary Chocolatier—a fine chocolate store with beautifully packaged chocolates; 73 Royalstreet
  • Planete Chocolat—an artisanal chocolate factory that sells chocolates made from cocoa butter in unique flavors; Rue du Lombard 24
  • Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert—the first covered European shopping arcade that has cafes, theaters, and high-end stores; Galerie du Roi 5
  • Maison Dandoy-Grand Place—a chocolatier who makes fresh biscuits that have rich flavors; Rue au Beurre 31
  • De Biertempel—a beer shop with a great selection of beers; Rue du Marche aux Herbes 56
  • Place du Jeu-de-Balle Flea Market—a crowded flea market with great bargains; Place du Jeu-de-Balle
  • Belge une fois—a concept store that sells creations by a designers’ collective such as accessories, light fixtures, postcards, concrete cacti holders, and large photography prints; Rue Haute 9
  • ICON—an upscale clothing store with clothing by Belgian designers such as Valentine Witmeur Lab, Filles a Papa, and Wehve; Place du Nouveau Marche aux Grains 5
  • Jinzu—a houseware store with handmade Spanish textiles made from recycled cotton including rugs, cushions, and poufs as well as rattan furniture, rocking chairs, and cots; Rue Blaes 122
  • Lulu—a concept store that was once a garage that sells ceramic cacti holders, handmade Italian sunglasses, and Scandinavian furniture; Rue du Page 101
  • Rose—a houseware emporium with everything from pineapple lamps and hand-embroidered pins to leather birthday cards and fragrance sprays; Rue l’Aqueduc 56-58
  • Gare du Midi Market—the largest European market with vendors selling a variety of goods including North African and Mediterranean spices, cheeses, meats, clothing, leather goods, and foods; Gare du Midi
  • Martin Margiela—a designer from Antwerp who sells shoes, accessories, and men’s and women’s clothing; Rue de Flandre 114
  • Crush Wine—a wine cellar selling the most comprehensive selection of Australian wines in Europe with daily tastings, tapas, and wine events; Rue Caroly 39
  • Hoet—a designer eyeglass store with a line of silver filigree glasses; Rue Antoine Dansaert 97
  • Espace Bizarre—a lighting specialist that sells unique lamps and light fixtures; Rue des Charteux 19
  • Passa Porta—a chic bookshop with a small English section; Rue Antoine Dansaert 46
  • Africamali—a community project that sells fair trade and ethical jewelry, accessories, and housewares from sub-Saharan Africa; Chaussee de Wavre 83
  • Brusel—a comic book shop named after a book by Francois Schuiten, one of Belgium’s best-known comic artists, that has a selection of comics with English translations; Boulevard Anspach 100
  • Lowi—a clothing and accessories store that sells unique fashions, ceramics, and porcelain jewelry; Rue de Flandre 124
  • Just in Case—a vintage-inspired clothing store with feminine garments in vintage and colorful shapes; Rue Leon Lepage 63
  • Micro Marche—a handmade craft store that sells affordable and alternative craft products; Quai a la Houille 9
  • Passage du Nord—a vaulted glass arcade with a variety of boutiques; off Rue Neuve
  • Boutique Tintin—a comic shop dedicated to Tintin with albums and merchandise; Rue de la Colline 13
  • Multi-BD—a comic shop with a large selection of comic books including manga as well as figurines and posters; Boulevard Anspach 122-124
  • Sterling Books—an English-language bookstore with comfortable seating areas and a kids’ play area; Rue du Fosse Aux Loups 38
  • Manufacture Belge de Dentelles—a specialty craft store specializing in antique lace; Galerie de la Reine 6-8
  • Outlet Privejoke—an outlet clothing store; Rue Leon Lepage 30
  • City 2—a modern shopping mall with chain stores, electronic gear, great food court, and a post office; Rue Neuve 123