Sights in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of the small country of Luxembourg and has a beautiful old church, several museums, and art galleries to explore.

  • Casemates de la Petrusse (Military Tunnels)—a former fortress that was hollowed out to form a maze of passages running for almost 15 miles below the town with ten gates controlling admittance to the walls, this was also a storage facility and place of refuge that now has two sections of the passages containing former barracks, slaughterhouses, bakeries, and a deep well open for visitors; Pl. de la Constitution
  • Cathedrale Notre-Dame—a late Gothic style cathedral with a portal sculpted by Daniel Muller of Freiburg and a beautiful Baroque organ gallery as well as a crypt that contains the tomb of the 14th century King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, John the Blind, and the tombs of the grand-ducal dynasty; Rue Notre-Dame
  • Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumunster (Neumunster Abbey Cultural Center)—the former place of worship for the Benedictines of Neumunster Abbey who were expelled when the French Revolution hit Luxembourg that served for most of the 20th century as a men’s prison but is now a major cultural center with temporary exhibitions and a Baroque church that has treasures such as a Black Madonna; 28 Rue Munster
  • Le Bock—a cliff that served as the main approach to the town dating back to Celtic and Roman times until bridges were erected with great views of the Plateau du Rham across the way, Duke Wencelas’s fortifications, barracks that are now used as a hospice for the elderly, Neumunster Abbey, and the Casemates du Bock; Montee de Clausen
  • Monument National de la Solidarite (National Monument of Unity)—this memorial to Luxembourg’s soldiers who died in World War II and those who died in the Holocaust is a stern granite and steel monument with the walls of the small chapel containing a symbolic tombstone made entirely of stained glass; Bd. FD Roosevelt at Citadelle du St-Esprit
  • Musee National D’ Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History)—this museum situated within a former women’s prison has interactive exhibits and dioramas that convey an environmental message; Rue Munster 23
  • Musee National D’ Histoire Et D’Art (National Museum of History and Art)—an art museum with great paintings by expressionist Joseph Kutter, Luxembourg’s most famous artist, and an art gallery with pieces by Cranach and Turner as well as a wonderful collection of 15th to 19th century art by artists such as Bruegel, Rembrandt, and Canaletto; Marche-aux-Poissons
  • Musee D’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean—an architectural landmark designed by I.M. Pei with an edifice made of limestone and glass with the glass shaped into pyramids, the interior has changing exhibitions by contemporary artists; Park Drai Eechelen 3
  • Musee D’ Histoire De la Ville De Luxembourg (Luxembourg City Historical Museum)—a multimedia interactive museum opened in 1996 that illustrates the development of Luxembourg City over the course of 1,000 years; Rue du St-Esprit
  • Palais Grand-Ducal (Grand-Ducal Palace)—the finest building in the city that dates back to the 16th century and has a façade inspired by the Spanish and Moorish while inside business and entertainment functions occur and a large art collection is displayed; Rue du Marche-aux-Herbes
  • Porte des Trois Tour (Gate of the Three Towers)—three turrets that are remains of the fortress with the oldest of the towers built around 1050 and during the French Revolution was the site of the guillotine; Rue Wiltheim at bd. J. Ulveling
  • Vallee de la Petrusse (Petrusse Valley)—a broad park located in the canyon of the Petrusse river with the Chapelle Saint-Quirin built into the rocks and a cave said to have been carved by Celts; between Rue de la Semois and rue St-Quirin
  • Villa Vauban—also known as the City of Luxembourg Art Gallery, this mansion is surrounded by well-tended gardens and is the home of Luxembourg City’s collection of old master paintings by artists such as Canaletto and Van Dyck; Avenue Emile Reuter 18



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