Shopping in Riga, Latvia

Riga has some unique shops, galleries, and shopping centers with a variety of stores that will appeal to any shopper. Here is just a sampling of the shops in Riga:

  • Central Market—a market hall with zeppelin hangars from World War I that has vendors selling produce, fruits, and vegetables; Negu iela 7
  • Art Nouveau Riga—an art nouveau souvenir and gift shop located in the midst of the art nouveau district; Strelnieku iela 9
  • Galerija Centrs—a modern shopping complex with stylish shops and restaurants; Audeju iela 16
  • Stockmann—a large department store spread out over four floors with men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes as well as tableware, textiles, toys, appliances, cosmetics, a florist, grocery store, and deli; 13 Janvara Str. 8
  • Alfa Centrs—a Norwegian owned shopping mall that is the largest shopping center in Latvia with an H&M, a supermarket, and an Apple Store; Brivibas 372
  • Basteja Pasaza—a collection of European boutiques with high-quality and high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories stores; Valnu iela 12
  • Jana Rozes Gramatnica—named after and established by a famous Latvian publisher in the early 20th century who died in Siberia in 1942 and had his company nationalized until 1988 and in 1992 denationalized, this bookstore has Latvian books and books in English, German, French, Russian, Russian, and other languages; K. Barona 5
  • Ekovirtuve—an organic food store with locally produced food such as preservative-free organic produce and meats and a restaurant that serves organic, vegan, and vegetarian dishes; Rupniecibas iela 11
  • Proud 2B—a globally recognized brand with modern, comfortable, affordable, and basic clothing by designers; Dzirnavu iela 84
  • Apavi 40+–a women’s and men’s plus-size footwear store with shoes produced in Latvia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, the UK, and Finland; Kr. Valdemara street 38
  • Baltu Rotas (Baltic Jewelry)—owned by famed Latvian jewelers Inita and Vitauts Straupe, this gallery reproduces classic Baltic and Scandinavian designs as well as designs original pieces; Grecinieku iela 11-2
  • Bergs Bazaar—a shopping district with eclectic boutiques, furniture stores, an upscale hotel, an angling shop, and restaurants; Marijas iela 13/4
  • Globuss—a bookstore with English books, dictionaries, grammar texts, and English language literature; Dzirnavu iela 67
  • Domina—a shopping center with 110,000 square meters of clothing, footwear, and lifestyle apparel as well as a supermarket; Ieriku 3
  • Mols—an American-style mall with European chain stores and a food court; Krasta 46
  • Blow—a designer clothing store with names such as Alexander McQueen and Dolce and Gabbana at affordable prices; Barona iela 16
  • Medus Istaba—a small family-run business that sells honey, wax, and bee-related products; Peterbaznicas Str. 17
  • Hobbywool—a knitwear shop with knitted scarves, mittens, and garments; Maza Pils iela 6
  • Kalnciema Quarter Farmers Market—a farmer’s market with a variety of food stalls and craft vendors; Kalnciema iela 35
  • Robert’s Books—a secondhand English bookstore and café that hosts concerts, talks, and readings; Dzirnavu iela 51
  • Spice—a large mall with European brands such as H&M, Debenhams, and Zara, small stores, restaurants, and cafes; Lielirbes iela 29
  • Miesai—an independent design company from the Baltic region with simple everyday designs; Gertrudes iela 121
  • Glass Point—a glass art studio and shop that sells locally made artwork and designs; Pernavas Street 33
  • ETMO—a contemporary Latvian design shop with products for the home, clothing, and accessories; 4 Torna Street
  • RIIJA—a Latvian design boutique with a variety of products by Latvian designers such as bed linens, towels, clothing, furniture, tableware, and lighting fixtures; Terbatas iela 6/8
  • Manilla—a paper, stationery, and gift shop with home accessories, greeting cards, calligraphy items, toys, art supplies, and stationery; Terbatas iela 55
  • Chocolate No. 1—a chocolate café with chocolate products, hot chocolate, muffins, coffee, and a chocolatery; Blaumana iela 38/40
  • Cetras Zoles—a stylish discount clothing and shoe store; Terbatas iela 13
  • Dzenis Amber—an amber jeweler; Ratslaukums 7
  • Doma Antikvariats—an antique shop specializing in high-end antiques such as paintings, furniture, jewelry, icons, silver, porcelain, and antique medals; Smilsu iela 8
  • Love Riga—a Latvian souvenir shop with trinkets and other mementos; Audeju iela 5
  • Origo—a shopping center with name brands such as Nike and New Balance, clothing stores, bookstores, cafes, and restaurants; Stacijas laukums 2
  • EGLE Crafts Market—a crafts market with souvenirs, amber products, wooden goods, jewelry, wool, and leather goods; Kalku iela 1a
  • Page—a book store with a curated selection of books, magazines, writing tools, prints, and paper products; Miera iela 4
  • MusMaja (Our Home)—a souvenir shop with printed postcards and gift items; Kaleju Street 7
  • Boutique Maripol—a fur store with fur jackets, vests, and hats; Stabu iela 20



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