Shopping in Prague

Prague is an interesting shopping destination with markets, craft stores, clothing stores from local and international designers, and boutiques. Below is just a sampling of the multitude of stores in Prague worth checking out:

  • Artel—a store that sells handcrafted items that combine modern styles with Czech techniques; Celetna 29
  • Bric a Brac—an antiques shop that sells a variety of goods such as Communist-era badges, typewriters, signs, and more; Tynska 7
  • Czech Labels and Friends—a clothing store that sells clothes by Czech and Slovakian designers with bright colors, classic shapes, and graphic tees; Zelezna 12
  • Leeda—an artsy clothing store with original Czech designs including silk skirts and painted dresses; Bartolomejska 1
  • Absintherie—an absinthe shop with a bar for tastings and an on-site museum with old advertisements, posters, bottles, and absinthe spoons; Jilska 7
  • Alice Abraham—a Czech designer who is known for dramatic designs, animal prints, and deep cuts; Vezenska 3
  • Analogue—a photography store with a staff that has a wealth of knowledge about analog photography, Lomography cameras, Polaroids, and more as well as a public darkroom, exhibitions, and a lab; Vlasska 357/10
  • Anima Tua—a high-end clothing store with Italian designers such as Elisabetta Franchi and Fendi; Elisky Krasnohorske 13/3
  • Anne Fontaine—a Parisian-style clothing shop run by a French designer who is known for black and white blouses; Masna 12
  • Antikvariat Karel Krenek—a shop with a large collection of antique maps, prints, and engravings dating from the 16th century including Japanese woodblocks and a map depicting Asia as Pegasus; Narodni 18
  • Art Deco Galerie—a vintage shop with Art Deco-era sculptures and furnishings as well as intricate brooches, turban headbands, and silk scarves; Michalska 21
  • Atrium Flora—a shopping mall with hard to find designers such as Iron First and Kara and an IMAX theater; Vinohradska 151
  • Bat’a—a five-level shoe store that is a global chain but originated in the Czech Republic and sells all types of shoes from sandals to boat shoes; Vaclavske nam. 6
  • Beata Rajska—a clothing store with great formalwear; Dlouha 3
  • Belda Shop—a jewelry shop that resembles a gallery with curated sculptures and accessories; Mikulandska 10
  • Beltissimo—a high-end shoe store with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Camper; U Prasne brany
  • Bliss Farm Gallery—an open art studio and shop that sells paintings, silkscreen printed T-shirts, and stuffed animals with handmade products from recycled materials; Cajkovskeho 1716/22
  • Boheme—a clothing store with designs by Czech designer Hana Stocklassa that include knitwear or paper-clip collared shirts; Dusni 8
  • Bontonland Megastore—an underground music store that is known for its selection of Czech music and films; Palac Koruna, Vaclavske nam 1
  • Botanicus—an organic bath and body shop with soaps crafted from fruits, vegetables, and herbs on a rural Czech farm; Tynsky Dvur 3
  • Cihelna Concept Store—a design concept shop that showcases Czech designs such as unique chairs and inventive lighting; Cihelna 2B
  • Coccinelle Accessories—an Italian handbag store with floral-patterned scarves as well; U Obecniho domu 2
  • DNB—a clothing store located close to the river run by Czech designer Denisa Nova that sells slouchy denim, tunic-length silk T-shirts, and colorful garments; Naprstkova 4
  • Dusni3—a modern clothing store with women’s designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Mellow Yellow shoes; Dusni 3
  • Dum Hudebnich Nastroju—a musical instrument store with everything from brass instruments to bongos; Stefanikova 19
  • Ermenegildo Zegna—a menswear store with tailored suits, zip-front jackets, trainers, colognes, and sunglasses; U Prasne brany 3
  • Galerie Antikvariat Ztichla Klika—a huge bookstore with rare books, old books, modern works, art, photographs, and paintings; Betlemska 10-14
  • Globe Bookstore and Coffeehouse—a bookstore with English-language titles and a café; Pstrossova 6
  • Granat Turnov—a store part of the Granat Co-op, the world’s most significant producer of Bohemian garnet jewelry such as gold and silver jewelry; Dlouha 30
  • Halada—a German jeweler that specializes in pearls and gold, silver, and platinum pieces; Parizska 7
  • Havelska—an outdoor market that sells souvenirs, seasonal items, handmade jewelry, and fresh fruits and vegetables; Havelska
  • Hudy Sport—a bi-level outdoor store with hiking, camping, and rock-climbing equipment from brands such as North Face as well as backpacks, laptop bags, and water bottles; Na Perstyne 14
  • Humanic—a reasonably priced Austrian chain that sells trendy shoes like bright flip-flops and stilettos; OC Novy Smichov, Plzenska 8
  • Ingredients—a stylish boutique run by two Czechs that sells rare perfumes, skin-care products, and candles and features an onsite aromatherapy and treatment center; Jachymova 2
  • Intersport—a huge outdoor store with equipment for a variety of sports including rock climbing and roller hockey; Na Prikope 21
  • Ivana Follova—a small boutique at the top of Wenceslas Square that specializes in silk clothing such as wedding dresses and coats and costume jewelry; Mezibranska 9
  • JHB Starozitnosi—a shop with clocks from the 18th and 19th centuries that originated in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, and Germany, antique pocket watches, art deco and art nouveau diamond rings, porcelain and brass décor, and furniture; Panska 1
  • Kenzo—a French and Japanese clothing designer whose clothing is relaxed and comfortable including billowy dresses and tops with tribal and floral patterns; Namesti Republiky 5
  • Kiwi Travel Bookshop—a bookstore with over 17,000 items in stock specializing in travel with English travel guides, local maps, books about travel, and globes; Jungmannova 23
  • Klara Nademlynska—a boutique run by a Czech designer with clothing that features unusual draping, animal prints, and necklaces; Dlouha 3
  • Kubista—a museum shop located on the ground floor of the House at the Black Madonna that has original and replica Cubist art and sells maps of Prague’s art deco, Cubist, and modern architecture; Ovocny trh 19
  • Leeda—an artsy shop with unique Czech designs from painted dresses to billowy silk skirts; Bartolomejska 1
  • Manufaktura—a business established in 1991 to preserve traditional Czech and Moravian crafts that has locations across the country with this location selling home-spa products such as bath salts, creams, and unique cosmetics made with Czech beer; Celetna 12
  • Masna Na Kozim Placku—a food shop that sells bread, meat, and cheese and resembles an 18th century food shop; Kozi 9
  • Mucha Museum Shop—a shop dedicated to Alfons Mucha, a world-famous Czech artist who was known for his paintings of Sarah Bernhardt, that sells posters, postcards, calendars, glass, jewelry, scarves, books, and lamps all with Mucha motifs; Kaunicky palac, Panska 7

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