Shopping in Winnipeg

Winnipeg does not have a wealth of shopping destinations but the malls and stores present are unique and seem like they could be worth spending some time and money in.

  • The Forks Market—an indoor food market with delicacies and crafts as well as four restaurants; 1 Forks Market Road
  • CF Polo Park—Manitoba’s largest shopping mall with 200 stores and a sunlit atmosphere; 66Q-1485 Portage Avenue
  • Decadence Chocolates—an artisanal chocolate shop with handmade chocolates, bars, nuts, candied fruits, store-made ice cream, and baked goods; 70 Sherbrook Street
  • Johnston Terminal—a former terminal building converted into a shopping center with shops, restaurants, and food vendors; 25 Forks Market Road
  • Best of Friends Gift Shop—located in the Millennium Library, this shop sells gift items, stationery, tote bags, cards, used books, and jewelry made by local artists; 251 Donald Street
  • The Old House Revival Company—a four-floor antique and vintage shop with antique furniture, lighting, hardware, stained glass, and home accessories; 324 Young Street
  • Selim’s Antiques—an antique store that has existed for 50 years and sells art, jewelry, furniture, collectibles, rugs, tableware, and other items; 801 Corydon Avenue
  • The Neighborhood Bookstore and Café—a bookstore and café with books and games; 898 Westminster Avenue
  • Bayshore Gifts in Glass—a glass shop with glass sculptures such as wedding cake toppers and glass and crystal figurines, necklaces, glass beads, glass jewelry, and custom-made glass pieces; 1 Forks Market Road, Suite 212
  • Tiny Feast—a stationery and gift store that sells letterpress printed greeting cards and work supplies, Scandinavian housewares, and handmade accessories; 217 McDermot Avenue
  • Ram Wools Yarn Co-Op—a 40-year-old business specializing in knitting, crocheting, and fiber arts; 942 Erin Street



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