Shopping in Victoria

Victoria has small shopping areas and is home to specialty districts such as Antique Row and Chinatown. Some shops have been around since the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Antique Row—a former antiques district that is now home to outlets that sell artisanal food and environmentally sustainable clothing
  • Artina’s—a jewelry shop with Canadian-made jewelry; 1002 Government Street
  • Bay Centre—a downtown shopping mall with 100 boutiques and restaurants; 1150 Douglas Street
  • Chinatown—a Chinese shopping area with imported Chinese goods, fruits and vegetables, children’s toys, wicker fans, and fabric slippers
  • Cook Culture—an upscale kitchenware store in the Atrium Building that also serves as a cooking school that offers workshops on topics such as handling knives and making sushi; 1317 Blanshard Street
  • Cowichan Trading—a well-known store with First Nations jewelry, art, moccasins, and Cowichan sweaters; 1328 Government Street
  • Hill’s Native Art—a First Nations store with souvenirs, totems, masks, jewelry, and Inuit sculptures; 1008 Government Street
  • Idar—a small jewelry store that is home to the workshop of one of the few goldsmiths in America that forges gold by hand and sells gold, silver, and platinum pieces; 946 Fort Street
  • Irish Linen Stores—a small clothing store open since 1917 that sells linen, lace, and hand-embroidered items; 1019 Government Street
  • Lower Johnson Street—a row of Victorian storefronts with designer clothing stores, boutiques, and eco-friendly clothing stores; Johnson Street between Government and Store streets
  • Munro’s Books—a former bank restored into a well-stocked independent bookstore with bargain books in a remainders bin; 1108 Government Street
  • Murchie’s—a company in existence since 1894 that is the city’s oldest tea shop with over 90 varieties of tea and coffees, tarts, and cakes; 1110 Government Street
  • Rogers’ Chocolates—a chocolatier since 1885 that sells a specialty called Victoria creams in 19 different flavors; 913 Government Street
  • Silk Road—a tea shop with over 300 varieties of tea and a tasting bar as well as aromatherapy remedies and spa treatments; 1624 Government Street
  • Trounce Alley—a pedestrian mall with art galleries and upscale clothing stores; north of View Street and between Broad and Government streets

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