Shopping in Cape Town, South Africa

From bustling marketplaces to more traditional brick-and-mortar stores, Cape Town has a variety of shopping experiences including malls, galleries, and niche stores.

  • Baraka Gifts and Décor—a shop with arts, crafts, jewelry, handmade leather notebooks, photo albums, and vintage and antique items; Shop 13A, Dixon Street, Cape Quarter
  • V&A Market on the Wharf—South Africa’s most enticing fresh food and produce market including a foodie bookshop, demo kitchen, and more culinary experiences; Dock Road
  • Canal Walk Shopping Centre—a large mall with a variety of international retailers, a hotel, cinema, and food court; Century City Drive
  • Watershed—sells home décor, jewelry, and souvenirs; Breakwater Boulevard, V&A Waterfront
  • Neighbour Goods Market—home to interesting stores and vendors and good food selection; 373-375 Albert Road
  • Kumanov Cosmetics—allows customers to make their own perfume and sells body creams and other body products; 3 Viola Road
  • The Book Lounge—a bookstore with a good selection of titles and a basement café; 71 Roeland Street
  • Rust-en-Vrede Gallery—an art gallery that displays the works of both established and new artists with a clay museum as well; 10 Wellington Road
  • Amiti Shop—a South African design collective with a large collection of locally designed goods including clothing, bags, home décor, jewelry, and art prints; 81 Long Street
  • The African Music Store—a specialty African music shop with over 3000 titles mostly including South African pieces but also a stock of pan-African music as well; 134 Long Street
  • Streetwires—sells wire art and demonstrates how wire art is made in the upstairs factory; 77 Shortmarket Street
  • Red Rock Tribal—a craft store set in a garden with wind sculptures, water features, scrap metal tortoises, and birds; Cape Farmhouse
  • AVOOVA—sells handcrafted gifts made from ostrich eggshells; 97 Bree Street
  • Africa Nova—a store that sells modern African art and unique original African pieces; Cape Quarter, 72 Waterkant Street
  • African Image—an African crafts store that sells modern art and township crafts, cloth from Nigeria and Ghana, West African masks, Malian blankets, and beaded designs from southern African tribes; Burg and Church Streets
  • Exclusive Books Waterfront—South Africa’s largest chain of bookstores with local and international magazines, African coffee-table books, and international best-sellers; V&A Waterfront, Victoria Wharf, Shop 6160
  • Greenmarket Square—a fun marketplace with clothing, locally made leather shoes and sandals, African jewelry, art, and fabrics; Longmarket, Burg, and Shortmarket streets
  • Mnandi Textiles—an African fabric store with West African and Dutch prints (South Africa was a Dutch colony at one point in its history) and African clothing for adults and children; 90 Station Road

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