An Unforgettable Day

I still remember vividly
The day the towers came down
Filled with youth and innocence
Had no idea the world had changed
Thousands of lives were lost
Sacrifices were made
Life would never be the same
Patriotism was rampant
The American spirit remained true
We all knew what was necessary
And what we had to do
It was an unforgettable day
When the skies were gray with ashes
The day was full of horror at the three plane crashes
That day was one that no one can forget
We will always remember that day
It made us stronger as a nation
Memorials were erected
Names inscribed in stone
Services were held
To mark that solemn date
September 11 is now a day of remembrance
For the people taken too soon
Their names will not be forgotten
Respects will always be paid
Differences between us could be mended
A country united by name
That day could not break our country
Though our lives were never the same
So take a moment today
To reflect and commemorate
That unforgettable day
So our memories will remain


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