The View from Up Here

Sometimes when I look out
And see the world around me
I marvel at the beauty and quiet in this suburban street
Life can be so crazy, chaotic, and messy
But the view from up here
Masks the commotion outside
Looking out this window so high up
Makes me realize how fortunate I am
To have such a luxury
Blue skies and bright sunshine
Illuminating the street below
It is just so magical and mystical
Watching life unfurl from this perspective
I wonder if I’m the only one
Who feels this same way about the world?
Can it be possible to admire something you’re not a part of?
Looking out from the heights
Makes me wonder what’s going on in the world
I hear the sounds of the outside world
Want to be involved but I’m transfixed
I was never the outdoorsy type anyway
Just look for yourself
And you’ll see what I mean
Just look out your window
And you’ll be amazed
At the sensory overload
And the things that you’ll see


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