Finding a Community

“Why fit in when you can stand out?” is a quote that I feel can clearly resonate with other writers. Throughout history, writers have not always fit into the mainstream of society but that only strengthens their abilities to write. For some it is the sole reason that they write—to find an outlet where they can convey how they feel about their status in society.
Writing can seem like the most solitary of experiences at first. You can be sitting at your desk in your bedroom furiously scribbling down your thoughts in a notebook or scrambling to find anything that can be written on when you just have to get down what’s on your mind. The location doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you are alone in your writing process. This can be a source of frustration for many writers. They need to feel like they have someone they can share their writing with, someone else who can understand what they’re trying to express.
Once you have found someone who will collaborate with you in the writing process, it feels like a weight has been lifted. Suddenly there is someone out there who is going to help you on your journey of developing your writing. I have had numerous occasions throughout my life where I have been able to share my writing with others and learn how to improve my writing through their feedback. This feedback has helped transform me into the writer that I am today.
Finding a community is crucial for anyone who truly wishes to evolve as a writer and be able to have their own metamorphosis. At first it is difficult to have your writing evaluated by others but eventually you realize how beneficial it is. It enables you to develop a stronger sense of your voice and allow others to have a greater understanding of you as a writer.
Writing can be a transformative experience but you cannot allow yourself to be isolated as a writer. You have to find ways to share your writing and let others help show you just how powerful a writer you can be. I also experience reluctance about sharing my writing with others but I have found that the feedback I receive only helps me to blossom as a writer. You can learn from courses such as this how to enhance your writing abilities and enable your writing to have a personal impact in the lives of others.
As a writer you are constantly learning how to share your insights on life and the world around you and showing how you fit into society. You can learn from the experiences of others and empathize with their triumphs and failures. Once you are a writer, you become a lifelong student as you never stop learning how to improve and why your writing matters to others.
Reading is the best way to learn as a writer. You can read about a writer’s personal writing process and gain valuable insight into how you can change your own writing process. You can be impacted by the way someone writes and adapt your writing so that it meshes with that writer’s style of writing. You can even learn how someone from a different culture than yours identifies as a writer and what influences them to write.
Writing really takes you on a journey and can connect you to a community. This community will support you in your endeavors, provide constructive criticism on your writing, and help you reach your potential as a writer. Once you have found your writing community you may no longer feel like an outsider. Instead you have become part of a larger community that will inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you to do your best work.


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