Back to School Books

The beginning of September means it’s time to go back to school and there’s no better way than reading books about going back to school. These books should get you back to feeling like you’re at school again.

1. Looking for Alaska-John Green–In this John Printz Award winner, Miles Halter heads off to Culver Creek Boarding School to get away from his ordinary life at home and meets the beautiful but mysterious Alaska Young. She gets him involved in school pranks, the social life of the school, and certainly turns his life around forever. When she dies in a tragic car accident, he and his friends work at unraveling the circumstances of her death. This is truly a great book that will stay with you long after you read the last page.

2. Gossip Girl series-Cecily von Ziegesar-In this series set in Manhattan’s exclusive all-girls and all-boys private schools, the characters engage in sex for the first time, smoke, try drugs, and engage in the social life of the Upper East Side. If you’re into the lifestyles of the upper class, then these books are for you.

3. The Sixth Form-Tom Dolby-In this book set in a Massachusetts prep school, Ethan Whitley leaves his California home to attend Berkley Academy. He wants to find out more about himself. He becomes involved with the seductive and mysterious Hannah McClellan, one of the teachers at the school. Becoming involved with her means trips to her house where he can drink wine and try to learn more about her complicated past. This is a book worth reading if you’re into books about sef-discovery and forbidden relationships.


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