Feed Your Inner Geek

Is there a part of you that is just a little bit geeky? You may not think so, but you know that there’s a part of you that enjoys doing something that may be considered geeky like playing a video game online, reading fan fiction, or reading a favorite anime or manga series. There are books out there that indulge people who have an inner geek inside of them. One of these books is “Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd”, a collection of stories about the lives of people who you may relate to if you enjoy any of the pursuits I just mentioned.

This book has great stories about the many types of geeks from people who enjoy playing Pokemon to people obsessed with dinosaurs. One story is about a role playing game where people dress in medieval-type costumes to play a game outside. Another is about a boy who travels across the country to meet his favorite comic book author. The stories are by popular teen authors like Libba Bray, John Green, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, and Scott Westerfield. In each story you may just find yourself saying, “Hey, I’m just like that character!”

Other books you may enjoy are the “Geek High” books by Piper Banks. These books are about students at the Notting Hill Independent School for Gifted Children otherwise known as Geek High. This school has students who all have some type of unique talent, like being a talented video game designer or being a gifted artist. The main character, Miranda, has the ability to do complex mathematical equations in her head and is called the “Human Calculator.” The only problem is that she doesn’t enjoy math all that much and prefers writing short stories instead. The books are about her trying to settle into her new home with her dad, stepmother, and stepsister while trying to manage her social life as well. It’s a difficult balance, but she makes it entertaining through the way she describes her life and her friends.

I know I’m secretly a geek, and if you’re a geek as well then these books are for you. Even if you’re not one, you could enjoy reading about the lives of people who are labeled that way. Check these books out if you want to feed your inner geek. I promise you won’t regret it.


Great Movies Based on Books

Turning a book into a movie is something that directors love to do. There have been countless great movie adaptations of books over the years but the following are some of my more recent favorites. What are your favorite movies based on books?

1. Twilight Saga (2008-2012)–These books are based on the series by Stephenie Meyer tell the story of an ordinary girl who falls in love with a boy that is a vampire. The movies vividly depict their budding relationship and are full of action that will keep viewers glued to the screen. The movies sparked a real-life romance between the stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart.

2. Harry Potter (2001-2010)–These movies are based on the popular series by JK Rowling are about Harry Potter, an orphaned boy left on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle, who discovers that he is a wizard at the age of 11. He then gets to attend the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and find out more about the world that he has been thrust into. Filled with drama, friendship, and even some romance, these movies are also filled with thrilling special effects. These movies are long but are compelling, certainly worth watching even if you haven’t read the books.

3. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)–This movie is  based upon the novel by Lauren Weisberger  about an intern who is faced with an awful boss at a fashion magazine. She must deal with her boss’s constant demands while trying to manage her personal life at the same time. The movie is filled with humor, romance, drama, and great fashion; so if you enjoy all of that, you will love this movie.

4. Water for Elephants (2011)–This movie is  based on the best-selling novel by Sara Gruen about a vet student who leaves school after his parents die in a car accident. He travels aboard a circus train and helps with the elephants. Upon the way, he falls for the wife of the owner of the circus who performs on the elephants and also does acrobatic tricks. This is a movie that is great for those who enjoy romance and drama and want to see how the two costars, Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, interact.

Get Swept Away with “50 Shades of Grey”

This is the book you’ve heard all the hype about. It may be depicted as a book that’s full of sex, but it is so much more than that. It is a story about a man confronting his demons and a woman trying to decide if a relationship with him is really worth everything he puts her through. This is a book worth reading even if this genre doesn’t instantly appeal to you. It was my first foray into the genre of romance as well.

The book begins with 21-year-old Anastasia Steele interviewing the mysterious young CEO of a major company, Grey Enterprises Holdings. She is reluctant to accept the assignment but does it for her best friend and roommate, Katherine Kavanaugh. When she meets Christian Grey, she is instantly taken with him as is he with her. He invites her out for coffee shortly after their first meeting and she tries to find out more about him.

She finds that he lives in a world that is quite different from hers. He has accumulated a vast amount of wealth at the young age of 27, and he tries to acquaint her with his lavish lifestyle by buying her an expensive car as a graduation present and taking her to his apartment in his helicopter. She also has to adjust to the amount of control he desires in his personal life. From trying to dictate the terms of their relationship to determining how she should live her life, it is all very new to Anastasia. She is uncertain whether she really wants this in her life.

In 50 Shades of Grey, EL James has created characters that resonate with her readers and will stay with them long after they read the last page. The book may be long but you will be swept up into the world that she describes and will be devouring this book to see what happens in the relationship between Christian and Anastasia. Filled with humor, romance, and personal contemplation, this is only the beginning of a trilogy that you will be eager to read to see how the relationship progresses.