Check out “Newsies” on Broadway!

On Sunday I went to New York City to see “Newsies.” It’s a musical about newsboys   going up against Joseph  Pulitzer for  raising  prices of the papers that they hand out everyday. It is similar to the Occupy Wall Street Movement except the newsboys  are against Pulitzer who was clearly one of the 1% of society at the time.

“Newsies” is set in the summer of 1899 and is the story of a group of newsboys who manage to turn their fight into a city-wide movement of children struggling for more rights in their places of employment. The musical shifts through various backdrops from the newsboys’ lodging house to Pulitzer’s office in The World to the theater where a city-wide newsboys’ rally is held. What really keeps the story going though are the musical and dance numbers that are perfectly choreographed and really show just how talented the cast is.

The members of the cast to keep an eye on are Jeremy Jordan who plays the role of Jack Kelly, leader of the newsboys, and who is very charismatic. He matures throughout the show from someone who just wanted to go out West to someone who really cared about the plight of his fellow newsboys. Another actor to watch is Ben Fankhauser who plays the role of Davey, president of the newly formed newsboys’ union, and who was initially a reluctant member of the strike but ends up really pushing the strike forward. Lastly, Lewis Grosso, who plays the role of Les, younger brother of Davey, is always at pivotal moments of the movement. 

This is a musical definitely worth seeing if you enjoy a good David and Goliath tale or just a feel-good musical with a positive message–that even if you’re young, you can still do something to have your rights considered. It is a limited run, so grab some tickets while they’re still available. “Newsies” plays at the Nederlander Theatre at 208 West 41st Street.


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